Greyhound Resort
                                 est. 1996

Services & Rates

Boarding rates are calculated on a daily basis.  The day you drop-off is the first day you are charged and the day you pick-up is the last day you are charged.  The last day charge is waived if pick-up is done during our morning hours.  Please note, the Resort is closed on Sunday mornings, therefore all Sunday pick-ups (4-6pm) will incur the normal daily rate.

Daily Greyhound Rate
$22.00 - credit card
$21.50 - check or cash*

*Take advantage of almost 2.5% savings by paying via check or cash!

    • No additional charges for playtime, pill administration, special diets, or hugs & kisses!
    • Minimum stays are not required at any time.
    • Fosters stay free with paid guest.

    Grooming Rates
    Nail Trim                         $5.00
    HydroSurge Bath           $22.00

    • All proceeds from nail trims are donated to GPA Indy or Prison Greyhounds.
    • HydroSurge Bath includes nail trim & ear cleaning.

    The Greyhound Resort donates a minimum of 5% of annual net proceeds to Greyhound Rescue & Wellness Programs

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