Greyhound Resort
                                 est. 1996

About Us

Bruce & Katie McDonald --- Owners

In 1995, we founded the rescu
e and placement group Life After Racing: Greyhound Adoption.  As of 2001, we no longer place greys into homes but we are still active in Greyhound Rescue.  We currently offer our kennel services to various adoption groups in the Indy area to foster their greys awaiting placement, and also support various greyhound welfare organizations.

Bruce is a graduate of The University of Indianapolis and Florida Southern, with a degree in Business and Marketing. Bruce was a PGA Golf Professional for 15 years before opening the Greyhound Resort. 

Katie is a Butler University graduate who majored in Elementary and Special Education.  Katie currently works from our home in IT in the Financial Industry.

Married in 1991, we currently have 1 four-legged kid: FeeBee.  We enjoy traveling, cycling, hiking, Steelers football, and playing with FeeBee & our guests.

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